With over 10 years of experience, we understand that the success of any project depends on building strong relationships with our customers through our strong commitment to quality of service.

Suntech Vietnam adheres to the consulting, inspection, certification and inspection services covering all aspects of electrical safety, electromagnetic interference (EMC), telecommunication equipment and radio equipment to the global market. In order to achieve this quality assurance, we are constantly working on all projects by always meeting the technical requirements and creating quality values ​​with fast and sustainable criteria.

Suntech Vietnam understands the importance of product certification, equipment inspection is very important for the import into the Viet Nam market. Therefore, we have the experience to accelerate the progress of the project at every step of the process.

We commit to protect your information, your  intellectual property, and provide the highest level of service quality. We are proud that Suntech Vietnam has created a professional environment where all members are aware of the information security issues of the project and the customer comprehensively.

When you decide to click the QUICK LINK button with SUNTECH VIETNAM, you are selecting the best way to get the job done. We will work as your trusted partner, sharing responsibility for all legal matters. Regardless of the scope and complexity of the product technology, legal issues or test cases you entrust to us, you are guaranteed quality, security and performance.

Ultimately, Suntech Vietnam is constantly innovating to turn challenges into opportunities for innovative solutions. By the experience of the completed projects, with the trust of the traditional partners, you can rest assured that your new project will be secure about information, compliance, fastest results. - keep your projects always pre-ordered  and run earliest.

Range of main service:

  • Provide the local testing service at related in-country labs for related products in above fields in order to get related local test reports for application submission.
  • Getting related Type Approval Certificates or Related Approvals (such as Type Approval Certification for radio product, , Approvals on EMC for home/ house applicances, Approvals on Energy Efficiency for regulated products).
  • Provide the services on getting the Imported Product Quality Registration (IPQR) in order to have Vietnam Custom Clearance for your products.

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