Measuring and testing equipment

Measuring and testing equipment


Testing Devices

10 – Steps Tesing  Process


Step 1: Customers–Prepare all ralated document of equipment


Step 2: Suntech Vietnam - Review all document and confirm to customers


Step 3: Suntech Vietnam - Prepare the necessarry document to apply for certification and send to local importer


Step 4: Local Importer - Sign-in/stamp and send to Suntech.


Step 5: Customer - Prepare test sample and send to Suntech


Step 6: Suntech Vietnam - Custom clearance


Step 7: Suntech Vietnam - Receive test sample


Step 8: Suntech Vietnam –Send test sample to Local Lab


Step 9: Local Lab- Testing


Step 10: Local Lab–Issue test report and send to Suntech

Testing Devices

05:02 - 02/11/2018

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