Testing Services

Testing Services

04:58 - 02/11/2018

Testing Services

EMC, RF, Safety testing services

In Vietnam, control of radio broadcasts of domestic radio stations, foreign stations broadcasting to Vietnam are strictly controlled. Regulations on radio services must comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law and international treaties. So, radio equipment with domestic and foreign exposures should be tested for electromagneticcompatibility for radiological equipment in accordance with the law.


With domestic and foreign projects, EMC, RF, Safety testing undernational technical regulations and standards is complicated process. So, Suntech Vietnam will support customers to minimize processes or unnecessary incidents.

Suntech Vietnam cooperates with local testing lab authorized by MIC/ ARFM, advises customer about testing national technical regulations and standards applicable to the device.


Suntech alway follow testing process, cooperate with local testing lab to setup, connect, and resolve any trouble may occur.


Let Suntech creat value:Fast &Indissoluble.